Signing Off: The End Of Seattlest

By Jose A. on Dec 31, 2011

From Seattlest's Flickr Pool: "The End of the Viaduct" by billhinsee.
Well, "The End" might be a bit dramatic, but "Seattlest: Going Away For A Bit" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

In all honesty, what's happening here is more of a remodel, while the folks at Gothamist Headquarters figure out and determine what will be happening with the site. In the meantime, here's what we had to say about it all, and, in case you were wondering, where you might find us in the near future.

Not much else left to say after that. Your correspondent would like to express just how honored he has been for the opportunity to write about our fair city, in all of its maddening and tantalizing glory; and even more honored for the citizens who have taken the time to read about it on our pages.

Our city is a complex place to behold, filled with contradictions, rich in resources both natural and manmade, and a confounding desire to either hide in the shadows or get stuck in indecision. That it regularly shines despite these lesser impulses is a testament to its startling literal and figurative beauty; it is encouraging to see it beginning to embrace its elite status, and we wish to encourage it to continue indulging that instinct.

As for our city's future, who knows? That is up to us, isn't it? It is further encouraging to see the developments in recent months, revealing an active, if obdurate, protest movement alive within our theoretically indifferent population; and to see and read about the insidious faults within our political and public-service realms. These developments are necessary to ensuring we progress in the correct manner; but we still need to keep an eye on it to be sure it does. It is equally comforting to know that the developments are being watched, specifically by the alternative media (here we are talking about our colleagues at the Slog, Publicola, Crosscut, Seattle Pulp, and elsewhere) -- our focus seems to be spurring the more mainstream media to increased and better action.

Or so we like to think, anyway.

Well, enough. The time has come to walk away. Thank you, once again for being with us over the years. We hope to see you again in the future.

Happy New Year, Seattle! Remember to look to The Star!



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  • JMB98115

    I stopped clicking through on your uninspiring and truncated RSS content about a year ago... better luck with your next endeavor or business model.

  • Alex Smolin

    Don't you have any Times articles to troll? Get a life.

  • Jose Amador

    That feeling is mutual JMB, may that writer be as appreciative of you as you were of us.

  • Guest

    Really sorry to see you go. I have always enjoyed reading Seattlest and seeing the work of your local photographers. I wish you all well and hope to join you again some where, some place.

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